25 Beginner Tips

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25 Important Points for Beginners in Aquarium Hobby !!

1. What you need to know before you start the Aquarium Hobby
2. What Are the Equipment you need to Have before you start the Aquarium Hobby
3. How to Setup a New Aquarium, Planted Aquarium or Fish Aquarium
4. What to ask for in the shops while buying aquarium Products
5. Good Things about a Aquarium at Home

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Please keep your questions related to the above mentioned points

If you have any questions now ask them in the comments and will answer them

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“Happiness is as close to me as the closest Nature Aquarium” – Mayur Dev

With experience of a Lifetime keeping Aquariums and a strong connection and Understanding of Nature
Mayur Dev – Aquascaper is the Vice president of Sales and Marketing at Still Water Aquariums India LLP.
A 4th Generation Baker, Restaurateur now full time Aquascaper, Wild life enthusiast and Nature Lover.
Mayur Dev and his team are the people behind the concept of this YouTube Channel and other Social Media platforms dedicated to making sure the Nature Aquarium Hobby very popular in the Indian Subcontinent.

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